Why We Use Tattoo Guns To Get Inked

tatt gun

To have a tattoo put on our body seems to be a rite of passage for some. They have been around for a long time and there are just as many reasons as there are people on why they opt to have them put on their skin. A tattoo is a popular way to just stand out of the crowd and be unique to the world. The symbolization of a tattoo goes back to ancient times and need to express them this way. In most states the minimum age requirement for a tattoo is 18 years of age. Some tattoo shops in Las Vegas even require you to be 21. And some states with parental consent will tattoo as young as 16, but all in all 18 is generally the minimum and the rest is of our own free will and consent.

Whether the tattoo is for fashion, religious, self-expression, affiliations, love or memories overtones the safest method that is being used are by tattoo guns.


There are three basic components that make up a tattoo gun.

Machinery: This is the part of the gun that operates a spring coil. The coil is attached to a needle arm so that when the power is turned on creates electromagnetic energy. This in return causes contraction of the bar which is attached to a needle.

Tube Array: This is a container that houses needles with the ink. Depending on the gun itself multiple needles can be used at once to apply the ink. The ink is delivered to the skin in short bursts according to the pattern selected.

Motor Pedal: The motor speed that controls the needle punctures is controlled usually by a foot pedal. When the pedal is depressed the motor starts which causes the needle to go up and down.

The main section is controlled by the operator where it houses the gun and is a receptacle for parts.


Are tattoo guns safe? This question invariably comes up at every session and the best way to ensure this is to get your tattoos from a licensed tattoo artist. They will have the experience and the proper tools and equipment to perform their trade.

For every type of tattoo there are different types of requirements needed for the dispensation of the ink in the skin. This is why these type machines are made in various sizes and can dispense one color or many colors if needed. The key to the safety of these machines lies in the maintenance procedure given to them.

These machines that are articulated with care will be able to produce the finest, delicate pieces of art that a person would like to have.

A person can buy this type of machine for home use, but in the long run it is better to have a skilled, licensed professional that knows how to put on a tattoo and care for the equipment.

A properly created tattoo can mean a lot to the person by making them feel special. A clearly defined symbol on the skin can also help a person’s self-perception and allow the confidence to come out.